- Construction of the stage

- Installation of lighting and sound equipment

- Mood Lighting and Decoration

- Installation of spectator areas

- Construction of cordons



- Construction of exhibitors' stands

- Electrical installation

- Clarification

- Construction and delivery of furniture to the place of order

- Carpet laying

- Stage construction

- Lighting and Sound


Art exhibition

- Furnishing of complete halls

- Installation of electricity and lights

- Location and arrangement of the objects to be designed



- Work area preparation

- Security measures

- Mounting the support structure

- Solar panel mounting

- Installation of cable ducts

- Inverter installation

- Cable routing to the inverter

About us

I have a degree in commerce. I have been working with events for twenty years, starting in Austria as a self-employed entrepreneur. In the beginning, my job was to measure exhibitions and fairs, set up the stands, provide the technical background and decorate them. These included Erotica exhibitions, building exhibitions, pet exhibitions, book exhibitions, vegan exhibitions... In the meantime, I was also involved in setting up concerts and providing lighting and sound equipment. Then came the musicals and plays. Bleachers for sports events, outdoor events. With Barbi and Legoki exhibitions, I have been able to travel to distant parts of the world. Then came industrial exhibitions, providing lighting and sound for a world-renowned company's exhibition stands around the world.

I started to work on the complete set-up of art exhibitions a few years ago. My passion is to bring out the best in myself and my environment. I started to work on the complete set-up of art exhibitions a few years ago.

I love beauty. To see and hear. I feel it is my duty to bring events to life. We have also perfected our ability to solve seemingly impossible requests and situations. During these twenty years I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of venues, build relationships and perhaps most importantly, create a reputable company with the values I represent such as reliability, responsibility and quality work. I am proud to have a team of people who support my passion and dedication for events.


Szendi KG. | Am Sonnberg 5 | A-7444 Mannersdorf an der Rabnitz

Phone number

+43 676 927 6660